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  • The Crash Of Testosterone in the Modern Male
    “He just never wants to do it anymore..I don’t know what’s wrong with me” This was about the third time this week I’d heard this from one of my female friends. Talking about how their seemingly healthy boyfriend wasn’t interested in sex anymore. I could fully sympathise with these poor chaps plight.
  • Losing Weight After 35? You’re Buggered Before You Get Out Of Bed…
    So if I do the same amount of exercise as my younger brother, and eat the exact same food, I’ll be 2 kilos heavier than him by the end of this year? WTF???
  • Ageing Backwards – Fact or Fiction?
    For those of you old enough to remember there’s a classic sketch in Only Fools and Horses where Trigger is talking about his road sweeping broom…
  • A Tale of Two Goats – Stories From Our Experiences
    “We chopped off his balls…and ate him.” … … …
  • Denise Oerlemans – Testimonial
    Check out what Denise thought just 6 weeks into our program.
  • Struggling To Keep The Weight Off? There’s a Hack For That…
    90% of all dieters will have regained any weight lost within 5 years. Turns out this is really nothing to do with you, it’s simply a survival mechanism.
  • Mouth or Nose Breathing?
    There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of nose breathing but then you go to a Yoga class and they tell you to breath through your mouth… What gives?
  • What Horses Taught Me About Diet
    Observing the horses which live around our new offices (and the spot which is the location for all our holidays) we see that they don’t just eat grass, they eat a multitude of different species and this will vary from day to day.
  • How To Build Young Muscle – And Age Slower
    Muscle is one of the chief determinants of how fast you will age. The older your muscles the faster you age. Today I’m going to show you how to keep your muscles young.
  • Why Only Counting Calories Is Fatally Flawed
    Calorie counting assumes that food is simply energy, the reality is that food is much more than that.
  • Are Diet & Exercise The Most Important Things You Can Be Doing?
    The whole health industry is built around diet and exercise, but are these really the most powerful ways to influence health…or is there something else we should be looking at?
  • Why a LOT of Health & Fitness Advise Simply Doesn’t Work
    In 2002 the movie “Collateral Damage” came out, Arnie looked great and at 55 really seemed to be beating the game, he looked incredible. Then Arnold got a job.
  • Ellen Gozeling Testimonial
    Ellen is one of my coaching clients, this is my conversation with her after 3 weeks.
  • A Really Simple Hack To Recover Faster After Exercise
    Whenever I read a post on improving recovery they all seem to be talking about the same stuff: magnesium, compression garments, active recovery etc… there is however a MUCH more powerful way.
  • Your Environment IS your Health
    When I am asked, “What is the most important factor in human health and why have we seen such a decline in it over the last 100 years?”…my answer, given in a heartbeat, is always the same.
  • Eat More To Lose More…Honestly!
    One of the first things I tell most of my clients who are looking to lose weight is to eat more…
  • 4 Steps to Get Rid of a Candida Overgrowth
    Have you got or suspect you may have Candida and want to know how to get rid of it? Follow these 4 simple steps to get rid of it.
  • Simple Exercise To Increase Longevity: Reversing Hypoxia
    Back when I was 16 there was this girl I really fancied… Her name was Lucy but we all just called her “The Legs.” She never looked at me, hell she probably didn’t even know I existed, after all I was a geek who liked playing Warhammer 40k, she was a Goddess of the playground.
  • Breathing: The Most Powerful Performance Hack
    You can go for months without food, a week without sleep, days without water, minutes without oxygen, yet very few of us focus on how to optimise our breathing.
  • Feeling Old, Tired & Worn Out, Then 1 Man Did Something Amazing
    Jim had always dreamed of climbing mountains, back country snowboarding, maybe learning to fly. At 42 he gave up on all these dreams for one simple reason…
  • Why Exercise Isn’t Always Good For You
    “So let me get this right, to improve my health you want me to stop going to the gym?” “That’s right,” I replied looking him straight in the eye… I knew this was going to be a hard sell.
  • The Flow State And Achieving Optimal Performance
    Perform better, feel younger, be happier, improve faster and unlock your superpowers by harnessing the power of the Flow State.
  • 7 Simple Ways Of Relieving Lower Back Pain
    Lower back pain and more specifically relieving lower back pain is one of the biggest problems I deal with and stops many of us living life to the full
  • The Problem With Porn (Why It’s Probably Ruining Your Life)
    Inside of me that part of me that took pride in being a man was silently dying, I knew I should be up for this, but I just couldn’t seem to get excited about the prospect…what the hell was happening?
  • Gaining Muscle Easily Whatever Your Age – Without Getting Injured
    Why do you often see old people doing a marathon but rarely doing a 100m sprint?
  • Recover From Exercise MUCH Faster
    Exercise all day, and then do it again and again and again, by recovering from exercise MUCH faster. Learn how…
  • Staying Fit After 40 – The Big Secret
    Staying Fit After 40 has nothing to do with a specific way of eating or training, it has nothing to do with genetics, it has everything to do with…
  • Improving Sports Performance – The ONLY Variable Which Matters
    Most people try improving performance in any sport by focussing on the technical stuff. This has it’s place, but there is something MUCH MORE powerful
  • Become MUCH More Resistant To Injury As You Age
    Become more resistant to injury by rejecting the common advice given by Personal Trainers and stealing the secrets of elite athletes
  • Reduce Stress without Meditation, Breath-work or Mind Games
    Reduce stress without meditating, by understanding the “Death by 1000 Cuts” principle.
  • Biohacking – Why, What And How To Measure (And Improve)
    The simple things you can track to send your performance through the roof.
  • HIIT vs Cardio After 40 – Which Is Best For You?
    There are tonnes of discussion online about HIIT vs Cardio after 40 and which you should be doing. Today I take a deeper dive.
  • Build Muscle After 40? Why It’s Difficult To Do
    After 40 we lose 1% of muscle mass a year naturally. How do we ensure we can build muscle after 40 and perform at our highest level as we age?
  • Are You Making This Simple Health Mistake?
    “God damn, piece of junk…” That little spinning circle appeared again and my entire computer froze… I looked longingly towards the nearest window, visualising using it as a launch point for the over sized paper weight my laptop had become…
  • How To Perform Better At EVERYTHING – Your 2 Brains
    You were born with 2 brains. One of them holds the secret to enable you to perform better at everything… The other one sucks..big time.
  • Perform Better After 40 Than You Did At 20
    When I wanted to perform better after 40 than I currently did, I started with my doctor, after all who knows more about health…right?
  • How Giving Up Booze Nearly Killed Me…
    Giving up booze is often touted as the miracle cure, for me it turned into something quite different…Follow me on a journey into one man dysfunction.
  • Why Sitting Is Harming Your Sport
    When you ask most people what they are doing after a session on the water or the mountain the reply is surprisingly similar, normally involving the sofa, Netflix and a few beers whilst they recover and mull over the days action.
  • How To Stretch Properly Before Sport So You Avoid Injury After 40
    If static stretching isn’t what you want to be doing if you’re looking to stretch properly before sport. What can you do instead?
  • Warm Up Before Sport – Why You Shouldn’t Stretch After 40
    I have a mate and every time we go to the beach he has to spend 20 minutes stretching to warm up before sport, in this case before he hits the water.
  • How The Flow State Can Turn You Into A Superhuman
    Ever experienced the feeling where you can do no wrong, where every action you take is perfect, where time slows down or speeds up and you’re totally in the moment undistracted by what’s going on around you or by the voice in your head? If you answered Yes you’ve experienced The Flow State. The Flow State is the ultimate human performance state, it’s often referred to in layman’s terms as “the Zone.” It’s that time when you perform perfectly. Where everything is effortless, time dilates and you are often left with a huge buzz and a sense of well being. Repeated entry into The […]
  • Why You’re (Probably) Going To Get Injured [And How Not To]
    Conventional wisdom tells us, when you pull or tear a muscle that the muscle was too weak and the solution therefore is to build it up stronger. I propose something different…
  • The Odds Are Stacked Against You Losing Weight – Here’s Why
    Struggling to lose weight and keep it off? What you don’t know is there are 2 major industries heavily invested in ensuring you fail…
  • ? My Hopeless Day Of Surfing With No Waves
    What the hell were we doing? Here I was, lying on my kite board, on a totally flat ocean, freezing my ass off, attempting to surf.
  • What happens if you do no exercise for 3 years
    I’d done no exercise for 3 years….In that time I’d lost weight and gained back my 6 pack, I hadn’t been ill the entire time, I had loads more energy and I was in a constant good mood.
  • Stuck Indoors & Worried About Snacking Too Much?
    At the moment I know a lot of people are pretty worried about the effect being stuck indoors is going to have on their waistline. Let’s face it all this sitting around and boredom snacking isn’t going to make us any slimmer. There is however a more insidious threat to our waistlines which no one’s really talking about… This is, for many of us, one of the most stressful times of our lives. You may or may not be working, but you’ll certainly be worried about loved ones and what the future holds in general. Now stress itself is one […]
  • Keep engaged, productive and healthy (after 40) whilst you’re working from home.
    At this time you must be wondering how you can keep yourself productive, engaged and healthy when working from home (and most likely watching way too much Netflix 😉 ) The sad fact is that for many people these latest developments will lead to a downturn in their health and an increase in waist size as they move less, eat more and lack stimulation and social contact. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For some people these next few weeks will be the opportunity they need to turn their life around. No where else could this be truer […]