Imagine What You Could Do With Your Life If You Moved Pain Free

Your Physio Has Failed You.

I know that, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. I also know, you’re not alone. 

You’re one person on the long list of people who’ve been unable to fix their pain by seeing physio’s, osteopaths, PT’s…I know, because I was once like you.

I spent 15 years trying to find out why I was in agony after walking or driving for just 15 mins…especially when I was fit, strong and healthy. When I finally found out what it was, I fixed it in 4 days.

When you’re ready to fix your pain, the answer’s right here.


I had a 10k run in 5 days and had crippling knee pain, I went to see Sam and was pain free in 3 days and got a PB on the run!”

Ella McPhearson

“I went from taking 6 pain killers a day and not being able to kitesurf, to taking none at all, and getting out every day in just over 2 weeks on this program”

James Blake

“Sciatica gone in just a few days…nothing short of miraculous. I’m back in the saddle again…literally!”

Lucia Davenport

Noel Yardley came to me as he had booked tickets for the Scottish Open in 3 weeks and couldn’t walk more than a few hundred metres because of the pain. He was thinking he might have to cancel his trip. This is the reply I got from him after the first day of the Open:

Yes I did get round 18 holes with Rory and without pain killers which is BIG. Thank you so much for your help in achieving this.

Why Your Physio Can’t Fix It.

Physio’s are great, I work very closely with some and they do a great job, but…

Many suffer from the “whack a mole” approach to pain.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s say you have knee pain.

When you walk in and tell them you have a knee problem… 

They look at your knee. 

They find out where the pain is and they treat that area. 

They fail to see the body as an interconnected system.

The site of your pain is almost never the area causing the problem, it’s simply where the problem is manifesting.

Knee pain is most commonly caused by hip problems, and hip problems are most often caused by foot problems.

A lot of physio’s will start rubbing the knee hoping the pain goes away.

Your physio might be good, they might have realised it’s a hip problem and given you exercises to fix the hip…

But if they haven’t also understood that the hip problem is caused by the foot and addressed that ~ you will gain temporary relief and 2 to 3 days later, the pain will come right back.

It’s only once you address both of these issues and correct the knee, your pain disappears for good.

Ready To Fix Your Pain?

Hi I’m Sam Guest.

My first life was dedicated to running an extreme sports company in Southern Spain. It’s crash is what brought me to my second life here at Re-Ignite.

Always interested in health & fitness, I found out just how crucial it is when I lost mine. 

Sofa bound, in constant pain, piling on the pounds, zero energy, no lust for life and a rapidly failing business made me realise that without a body which works, nothing…and I mean NOTHING…is important anymore. 

Lying there on the sofa one day, watching the dream life I had bled and sweat for fall apart around me, wondering if this was all I had to look forward to, something snapped…

This would not be my epitaph. I drew my line in the sand….

This website is where I share everything I learned.

Is This Just Stretching?

Imagine your muscle is an elastic band. What happens as you stretch it and make it longer? 

It gets thinner. And thinner equals weaker. 

Your knee is in pain because the hip joint is unstable. The hip joint is unstable because the muscles which hold it in place are weak.

Your lower back is in pain because the glute or the core is weak.

Your shoulder is in pain because the lats are weak.

So stretching these muscles is the last thing you want to be doing.

Ready To Fix Your Pain?