“Same shit, different day”

You work harder today than people did 50 years ago.

Whilst rates of burnout, depression, apathy, ill health, divorce and suicide are soaring.

Wasn’t technology supposed to make your life better?

Don’t get me wrong

  • I love smartphones and Netflix,
  • I love modern medicine and 3D printing,
  • I love artificial intelligence and nanotechnology,
  • and I love the internet and space travel,



I love most of all

…the sensation of heading off on a new adventure, of dropping in to that perfect wave, of a sunrise over an open ocean with a steaming hot mug of coffee in my hands surrounded by friends, the embers of last nights fire glowing in front of me.

In short, I believe that although technology can do wondrous things for you…

Biology is where it’s at…more specifically your own biology.

I believe that no matter how mind blowing the modern world becomes, how easy it can make your life, how any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…

Tantrum Philosophy

The real magic happens inside of you.

And I believe much of the world has forgotten this.

That we trade this magic every day for a bigger house, a better job, a faster lunch, a more successful life, whilst stuck on another Zoom call.

That we’ve become so obsessed by the search for happiness in external things, we’ve forgotten the absolute joy the human experience can provide free of charge, every minute of every day.

Forgotten that everything we are searching for so hard in the outside world actually already exists within us waiting to be unleashed.

Technology can do wondrous things for us, but what good is it, if we forget how to be human along the way?

Fitness and adventure sports are the vehicles which have opened my eyes to the boundless passion for life we all possess, the real potential of the human state.

I want to explore that potential…

Not by lecturing you, or telling you how to live, but by inspiring you with an image of what is possible for your life,  by opening the door to a new way of living…and letting you choose to walk through it.

To Re-Boot your biology…

To Re-Energise you to the world around you…

To Re-Ignite you to realise truly ANYTHING is possible…

To help you feel a little healthier, a little happier, a little more human…a little more magic.

So throw a tantrum against convention, walk the path less travelled, live a life less ordinary

Come with me, I’ll show you how to fly.

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