Lose 6kgs in 4 Weeks Without EVER Going Hungry, Counting Calories, Points or Macros or Spending Hours on a Treadmill

And If You Don’t Lose The Weight You Don’t Pay.

90% of all dieters regain all the weight they’ve lost in 5 years.

This isn’t anything new to you, you’ve probably experienced or seen this in those around you.

All the signs have been pointing towards a new way of approaching weight loss for a while now.

“If health isn’t long term, it isn’t health” Joel Greene.

But before I waste anymore of your time with my gloomy statistics let’s see if you should continue reading.

If you do not relate to one of the bullet points below, you’re free to leave the page:

  • You’ve tried dieting before but always end up putting all the weight you’ve lost back on again (often with interest)
  • You’re confused about what you should be eating and are fed up of conflicting diet advice
  • You know exactly what to eat but you struggle to stick to the plan
  • You’ve never lost weight before but want a plan which works in the real world where you have a job and often just don’t have time to prepare fancy meals.

I could go on, but by now you should know whether learning how to eat better, to lose weight and actually enjoy it is for you.

The Greatest Lie

Nothing Will Work In Weight Loss Until You Understand This.

But Once You Do, Losing Weight Is Easy.

Hey I’m Sam.

I’m a health & fitness coach for those who want more out of life.

The over 40 come to me when they want a body which allows them to keep on doing the things they love for life.

I Started Out Like Everyone Else…

I had no idea what to eat to keep the weight off, how to stay healthy in a world of conflicting advice or how to avoid the fate of everyone I saw around me getting old and fat way before their time.

From this failure I learned 3 things

1 . Weight Loss Is A Skill:

If you turned up at a horse riding lesson and your instructor handed you the reins, pointed at the horse and told you to, “knock yourself out” I doubt you’d be that impressed.

But that’s what we do in the weight loss world all the time.

We hand you a few recipes, tell you to use willpower, pat you on the back and then are surprised when you fail.

What we all have to realise is, weight loss is a skill. And just like riding a horse takes a long time to learn so does learning how to lose weight for yourself.

2. Being able to fuel your body is the only thing which is actually important.

One thing has become clear to me over the last 20 years. Food has more power to drive health outcomes than anything else.  

This is self evident when you break it down.

  • What else do you do 3 times a day (often more) 
  • What else actually goes on to create the very cells you are made from
  • What else do we directly put inside of our bodies? (mind out of the gutter please!)

You’re going to be eating 3 times a day for the rest of your life…you have a choice. 

You can do it right or you can do it wrong. 

The way you choose to answer that questions will hove a bigger impact on the outcome of your life than any other decision you make…ever.

Choose wisely.

Simply put bad diet will cause you to become:

  • Obese
  • Diabetic
  • Less active
  • Less confident
  • Mentally slower
  • Less motivated
  • Less energetic
  • It’ll also lower libido and sexual function

I could go on, but I think by now you get it. 

The most important variable in the success of your life is you. And if you don’t fuel yourself right your outcomes are guaranteed to be suboptimal.

This is a universal truth, you can’t put contaminated, dirty diesel into a formula 1 car and expect it to do well.

3. Health Isn’t Health Unless It’s Long Term.

The fact of the matter is, it’s actually really easy to lose weight. 

Now I’m not trying to be flippant or patronising here, I know the actual struggle of losing weight is anything but easy, but the principles of losing weight are very simple and we all understand them to some degree.

At its most basic level, if you wanted to lose weight quickly you could just stop eating for a week. 

You would lose weight guaranteed.

This is not a smart thing to do.

Because you’d put all the weight back on again with interest.

The really hard part about losing weight is keeping the damn weight off.

How It Works

99% of weight loss courses have it backwards.

You shouldn’t be counting calories, points or macros, going hungry or spending hours in the gym.

How can I make this claim?

Because most weight loss programs are built on very shaky foundations.

Calorie counting works in a lab but as soon as it hits the real world, it fails miserably. This has lead to dieting being seen as a hardship as you quite literally have to starve yourself, resulting in being tired and grumpy all the time AND all the effects of yo yo dieting.

Cardio was seen as the answer to all your weight loss woes. Pound out the hours on a treadmill and you’ll lose the weight. Again this works great in a lab but often steady state cardio can cause you to GAIN weight in the real world…WTF?

In building this program I’ve deeply researched the science and pulled apart what is demonstrably true for all people across all spectrums of life and what is marketing BS.

I’ve then refined it on myself and hundreds of in person clients.

And I’m afraid the jury is in…if you’re still counting calories points or macros, or spending hours sweating in a gym you’re living in the dark ages when it comes to weight loss.

So what do we instead?

We focus on eating highly nutrient dense, delicious food. 

Your body is storing fat as insurance against future environmental emergencies (famine or an ice age…it doesn’t know they are a thing of the past!). When your body is fed a nutrient dense diet it believes it is living in a land of plenty where it doesn’t need this insurance policy anymore so it sheds the weight naturally.

We focus on all the other lifestyle aspects which contribute to weight loss. 

Sleep, digestion, stress levels…these all play a massive part in whether your body will give up its precious reserves of fat or not.

We focus on building health rather than exclusively obsessing over weight loss.

Weight loss should be a natural consequence of great health. Many programs focus on losing weight at the expense of health (every diet where Diet Coke is actually seen as a good thing, I’m looking at you).

We focus on long term weight loss and keeping it off for life.

The body is actually programmed to put fat back on after a period of weight loss. We build in strategies to actively combat this so once you’ve released the weight it stays off.

What’s Inside?

From Where You Are Now To 6kgs Lighter In 4 Weeks.

A Practical, Science Based Approach

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in Re-Ignite Your Nutrition.

1. How To Get Your Bugs To Lose The Weight For You

Your microbiome sits at the heart of weight loss. If you can cultivate the correct bugs they will burn the fat for you, if you have the wrong ones I don’t care what you eat you’ll never lose weight.

You need to learn how to cultivate the correct gut biome so they do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to weight loss.

  • Learn what foods they eat and how to keep them happy so the right populations grow.
  • Learn what the bad bugs love and how to ensure they never get the chance to reproduce.
  • Understand how to mitigate the effects of bad foods on your microbiome so you can still enjoy the foods you love.

By The End Of The Course

You’ll be able to feed your good bugs whilst getting rid of your bad bugs and make your microbiome start losing weight for you.

2. Eat Whatever You Want And Still Lose Weight

We all have that friend, the one who can eat anything and stays thin whatever.

Chances are they are unconsciously practicing what you will learn.

There are certain ways of combining foods that mean that even if you were to eat pizza and ice cream, when you got on the scales the next day they haven’t shifted up and may even have moved down.

By The End Of The Course

You’ll learn the cheat codes which mean you can still go out for meals, have nights out with friends, have that dessert…and still lose weight.

3. Effective Exercise

This is my secret.

Since I was a kid I’ve been told if I want to lose weight, just hit the treadmill.

What we are now finding is that this can often make it HARDER to lose weight. There is a way to do this correctly, so cardio exercise torches fat, but 99% of people are doing it in a way which makes it impossible to lose fat.

By The End Of The Course

You’ll learn to supercharge cardio so you can burn more fat in less time, every time in a way which supports your fat loss rather than hinders it.


Jeannette Carati

Denise Oerlemanns

Ellen Gozeling

10 kilos in 6 weeks, feeling great and I’ve managed to still live a normal life, this is something different.

Catherine Jane

Paige Moore

Is There A Guarantee?


If you don’t hit your goal in the time frame I’ll give you your money back, no questions, no hassle…that’s how confident I am.



One of the guiding principles of this program is that weight loss should be a natural consequence of good health, and that health isn’t good unless it’s long term good health.

Often losing weight is actually quite easy, but most programs get the weight off at the cost of your health. We build healthy eating patterns from day 1 so there’s no weird shakes, bars or pills to take. Just good clean food.


One of the biggest problems with traditional dieting is that you are starving half of the time. On our program one of the first rules is: “You must NEVER be hungry”.

Look, if you’re starving yourself on a calorie controlled diet you’re signalling to your body that food is scarce, that winter or even worse an ice age is coming. The bodies response to this is to actually attempt to hold on to fat and put more on as quickly as it can, as an insurance policy against the perceived upcoming ice age. It knows its best chance of survival in a famine is to have plenty of stores of fat.

If instead you were to eat lots of highly nutritious food your body suddenly thinks it’s living in a land of plenty. A land where it doesn’t require excess fat as an insurance policy against a perceived upcoming ice age. As a result it starts to ditch the fat naturally. This is a totally different approach to losing fat and one that all of our clients love!


Hold your breath until you pass out…can’t do it? No neither can I, why? Because breathing is a survival mechanism. Guess what…so is eating and so if you’re starving and someone places a muffin in front of you, you WILL eat it.. We understand that and build in systems from day 1 to help you counteract it.


The real trick isn’t getting the weight off, it’s keeping it off. This is where this program shines. We want you to be still at your target weight in 5 years time and so have built in special protocols to address this issue head on.


One of the main reasons most programs like this don’t work is they require you to invest lots of time. This works great when you have the time, but for all of us, at some point, as life piles on the pressure around us, time goes to zero. Inevitably when it does the first things to go down the drain are your workout, your healthy eating habits and as a result – your waistline.

This program is built from the ground up with this in mind, so we’ll be giving you specific strategies to not just survive these times but to throve, so when time goes to zero you can keep on burning fat, meaning you stay in shape long term.

Lose 6kgs in 4 weeks without ever counting calories, points or macros, going hungry or spending hours in the gym.

Price: £97