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Are You Making This Simple Health Mistake?

“God damn, piece of junk…”

That little spinning circle appeared again and my entire computer froze…

I looked longingly towards the nearest window, visualising using it as a launch point for the over sized paper weight my laptop had become…

Peak performance post 40

When your computer slows down like mine had, you have 2 options. You can contact all the companies which write software for it and ask them to improve the code, making it more elegant, more efficient so it requires less processing power to run.  

Good Luck With That One

Software development is expensive, slow and difficult to do, taking teams of highly skilled developers years to do.

Or you can just plug in a bit of new memory, change up the motherboard and improve the CPU.

It’s much cheaper, you can do it yourself and once it’s done your computer will run like new.

Why am I talking about this?

I went to a conference on high performance at work. They talked about how to increase employee learning and performance using the latest neuroscience, advanced learning techniques and understanding peoples’ true motivations…

The food they served at lunch time was absolute shit.

I was doing work for a top sports team (you’ve heard of them) they wanted me to improve the player’s mindset to push their players to even higher levels of performance on the pitch. 

Looking in their changing rooms they were full of traditional deodorants, shower gels and other endocrine disruptors. All of which mimic Oestrogen in the body. Definitely not what sportsmen or women want.

In short, they were all focussing on the software (mindset, technique and learning)…whilst totally ignoring the hardware (the body and brain).

And it’s something I see being repeated across all walks of life…all industries.

The simplest most effective way to improve your performance in ANYTHING is to…

Upgrade The Hardware.

Want to improve your employees’ performance and raise the bottom line of your business? Change the products in the vending machines from chocolate sugar snacks and drinks to nuts and improve the food served at the canteen. Want to improve your team’s performance on the pitch…look at their habits off the pitch first.

By working on the hardware first it gives people much more bandwidth to install any software they like…and have that software run properly.

Your brain like your body is a biological machine. 

  • If your brain doesn’t have the resources to create the chemicals which cross the neural gap to fire the next neuron in the net. 
  • If it lacks the building blocks to make myelin. The stuff which coats your neurons and allows them to fire faster and more accurately.
  • If your brain is inflamed so neurones fire slower and with less potential so any message is much more likely to get lost.
  • If your body lacks the hormones to grow, to give you energy, to power your muscles and your brain. 

In short if the hardware isn’t working properly…I don’t care what software you try to install on it…


Once the hardware has been upgraded most of my clients see such huge performance increases they don’t really care about the software. 

But if they do, we can now take the time to really install software which works alongside their newfound hardware and takes their performance to stellar levels.

But without that hardware any software we install is like trying to run the Googleplex on a ZX Spectrum….it might run but you’ll be seeing a lot of that spinning wheel.

Upgraded Performance After 40

So if you want to improve your performance as a sports person, entrepreneur, husband, wife, father, mother, lover or hell you just want more juice out of life! WHATEVER!

Start with the hardware…it’s easier, faster, much simpler to maintain and once you have it set up, much easier to run any fancy software you want on it.

I’ve written a book called “Post 40 Secrets” where I show you exactly how to upgrade your hardware so you can perform like your 20 when you’re 40, 50 or 60 +, it’s free and you can grab a copy here >>


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