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Staying Fit After 40 – The Big Secret

Staying fit after 40 has nothing to do with a specific way of eating or training. There are endless theories and strategies that different people follow.

It has nothing to do with genetics. Your body needs at least 3 years to show anything close to its genetic potential. The truth is, you have absolutely no idea what your body is capable of until you give it a chance to show you.

It’s something much more fundamental than those things. Those are surface level. Training and nutritional strategies are what I like to call methods.

If you want to truly get results AND maintain them, you need something better than methods…

You need principles.

Staying Fit After 40

Principles are the underlying knowledge and rational behind the methods.

When you understand the principles, you’re able to create your own methods.

An example…

You just got home from a long day at work and look in the refrigerator to see a leftover slice of cake. It looks enticing, but you know it’s bad for you. You know the method: don’t eat cake.

But you don’t know the principle. You don’t really know exactly why it’s bad, just that it is. So now it’s down to your discipline. Except that you’re faced with situations like this almost daily, and discipline isn’t all-powerful.

Now let’s introduce the principle.

The sugar in the cake digests very quickly and spikes your blood sugar (glucose) levels. When this happens, your body releases Insulin, a hormone that triggers your cells to open and absorb the glucose. This is either to be stored for later in a form called glycogen or to be metabolised in the cell and used for energy immediately.

But this isn’t the only thing that Insulin does. It also makes you more prone to fat storage, so now all the fat in that cake is immediately making its way into your fat cells.

And, if you expose your cells to too much Insulin (cough, cough, people who drink pop all the time), they build a tolerance. This is called Insulin Resistance and ultimately leads to Type II Diabetes.

So now that you know this, does that slice of cake look quite as appealing?

I’m guessing you’ll choose to pass next time you’re in this predicament.

And now you see why understanding the principles behind the methods is the key to making better choices.

Because at the end of the day, the only thing standing between you and your goals is your choices.

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