Who Am I?

Sam Guest

My first life was dedicated to running an extreme sports company in Southern Spain.

It’s crash is what brought me to my second life here at Re-Ignite.

Always interested in Health and Fitness, I found out just how crucial it is when I lost mine. 

Sofa bound, piling on the pounds, zero energy, no lust for life and a rapidly failing business made me realise that without a body which works, nothing…and I mean NOTHING…else is important any more. 

Lying there on the sofa one day, watching the dream life I had bled and sweat to build falling apart around me, wondering if this was all I had to look forward to, something snapped…

This would not be my epitaph. 

I drew my line in the sand. 

I took every course I could, I spoke to every expert who would speak to me, I tried every n=1 experiment there was, with some spectacular failures (ask me about the Olive Oil incident!) but slowly, ever…so…slowly, I started to notice improvements.

It took 5 years but I managed to dig myself out of the hole I’d made for myself. 

Since then I have been dedicated to using all I discovered on the journey to help others climb out of their own health & fitness holes, or, even better, ensuring they never dig a hole in the first place!

My passion is combining health and fitness with the outdoors and I am a firm believer in living smart, with long term health in mind, to ensure you can do all the things you LOVE…for life.