Week 2

This page is a summary of everything we’ve covered in Week 2.

Now I know this can feel a little insincere over the internet but I hope by now you know me well enough to know I really mean it when I say a MASSIVE well done! I can’t tell you how it lights me up to see peopple actually following through and doing the work…so thanks for making this job what it is for me.

Hopefully by now you’re also noticing the benefits of the program (don’t worry we’re still just getting started!).

Below are links to all the videos from this week in one place so if you missed any or need to catch up you can do.

Moving The Needle Fast

Looking at some of the important but often neglected areas of weight loss.

This Weeks Supplements

The recommended supplements from this week.

You Want Me To Do What…!?

Explaining the why behind some of the weirder stuff I’m asking you to do this week!