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Your Environment IS your Health

When I am asked, “What is the most important factor in human health and why have we seen such a decline in it over the last 100 years?”…my answer, given in a heartbeat, is always the same.


I truly believe if you took anyone suffering with any of the modern “Diseases” (obesity, cancer, heart attack, depression, MS and the list goes on and on) and placed them back on the plains of Africa 10,000 years ago.

Where they were: 

  • Drinking pure water, 
  • Eating highly nutritious fresh food, 
  • Getting loads of sunlight, 
  • Washing their own clothes (which in those days looked a bit like a workout) Catching or foraging for their own food (which in those days looked a bit like a workout), 
  • Lying around and chatting shit with their tribal mates for hours, 
  • Engaging in a tight knit community where their life had purpose and meaning
  • Not bothered about constantly comparing themselves to others on Instagram half way across the globe who had a totally different life to theirs. 
  • Living as a part of nature, rather than trying to conquer her.

If we could do this, I truly believe that this person’s health would radically change for the better in about 2 weeks, probably less.

We can’t realistically do this however. So we have to work with what we’ve got.

To that end the location of all our holidays (and of our new HQ) will be an old farm where we’re helping create a space as close to this perfect human habitat as we can (though we still use washing machines!). We’re doing this by handing control of the land back in Nature in a carefully controlled way to create as perfect an environment as we can where humans and nature can thrive. 

The idea being when you come and visit us you feel the benefits for yourself in just a few days.

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