In Person Health & Fitness Coaching At Cookridge Hall, For Those Who Want To Lead An Active Life…For Life

Get in the best shape of your life, feel years younger, have energy to burn, move without pain and lose the extra tyre you’re carrying

And If You Don’t See Results In 30 Days I’ll Give You Your Money Back…No Questions Asked.

Only Available To Members Of Cookridge Hall Health Club

Areas I can help you with:


   ✅ Personal Training

 ✅ Workout Programs

 ✅ Become Pain Free/Rehab

 ✅ Improve Mobility

 ✅ Get Injured Less


 ✅ Weight Loss

 ✅ IBS

 ✅ Digestive Problems

 ✅ Optimal Nutrition

 ✅ Optimal Diet for Energy

Anti Ageing

 ✅ Supplementation

 ✅ Testing

 ✅ Sleep

 ✅ Hormones

 ✅ Biohacking

So You Can Do The Things You Love For Life

You wouldn’t be very impressed if you turned up to a surf lesson, the instructor handed you a board, pointed towards a 10m wave and told you to go and “knock yourself out”.

Yet this is what we do in the Health and Fitness Industry every day.

You rock up at the gym, have one hour’s induction and are expected to know which equipment to use, all without getting injured.


Exercising is a skill like any other and skills take time to master.

Isn’t it time you became a master of your own body.


Live coaching, direct message access to Sam, your dedicated success plan, body metric tracking, link your wearables, track your progress, personalised nutrition plan, personalised workouts, education, community and more. All in your pocket, on our app.


Jane Beverley

“I felt like an imposter in my own skin. I’d always been really active and loved horse riding, but couldn’t even climb on a horse. After 6 months on this program the picture of me on the horse below was taken. I finally felt like the real me again.”



The gym can be a lonely, boring, intimidating and frustrating place…

…when you’re doing it on your own, without guidance and it’s easy to lose motivation as you find yourself doing the same exercises over and over, not really understanding what you should be doing or why.

Cut through the confusion with expert guidance from someone with 15 years experience training people at all levels.

This Is What You’ll Be Getting Today:

✅   30 Min Initial 1 on 1 Consultation: where I’ll assess where you are and understand exactly what you need so together we can build your personalised Success Plan.

✅   1 on 1 Personal Training: Bookable at a time which works for you direct from the app.

✅   24/7 Access to me via DM: Got a question any time, day or night? Drop me a DM and I’ll get back to you within hours.

✅   Dedicated Success Plan: Including:

➡️   Your Own Personalised Workout Program: each exercise is shown in a video you can access on your phone whilst your doing your workout.

➡️   Your Own Personalised Nutrition Program: complete with recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy or just feel better…I’ve got your back.

✅   Monthly Check Ins: where together we check where you are, if you’re on track and readjust your program to ensure you smash your goals

✅   Programs Which Evolve With You: Give me your feedback on the meal plans and programs I’ve written for you direct from the app and I’ll update them for you each month.

✅   Track Everything So You Can See Your Progress: In app stats to track your progress, including workout and nutrition tracker. Links to your wearable devices.

✅   The Library: To ensure mastery I’ve added a library or my best, carefully curated content which you can consume at your own pace. This is not a place where I dump every video I’ve ever made, only my best content makes it through the curation process so you don’t have to worry about overwhelm. The Library includes:

➡️   On Demand Workouts: Feel like mixing your workout up? No problem. There are loads of On Demand Workouts (and I’m adding more all the time) you can access anytime.

➡️   On Demand Workshops: The workshops cover a huge range of topics from how to boost testosterone naturally to how to fix your gut health, and if what you’re after isn’t there give me a shout and I’ll see if we can add it.

➡️   On Demand Protocols: The protocols address the issues I come across most commonly, from how to deal with stubborn belly fat to how to sleep like like a lion.

✅   Members Only Podcast: Subscribe to the private, members only podcast to get access to my most premium training that you can listen to on the go!

✅   Monthly MasterClass: Every month I run a live masterclass where we dive much deeper into a different concept, there’s always something new to learn and this will ensure you stay at the cutting edge of it.

✅   Backstage Pass: Every month I show you exactly how I’m implementing the concepts I talk about in the Masterclass so you can see how to adapt it for your life.

✅   Member Makeover: Every month I help one member to fix what they have implemented from the Masterclass training. So you get to see the common pitfalls and how to avoid them first hand, or get to have us personally help you out!

✅   Community: To help you connect, get support and get your questions answer and answer the questions of other going through the process (and so may have a different take on your challenges to our coaches) I’ve set up a community directly within the platform.

✅   Accountability Coach: I’ll be monitoring your progress throughout the entire journey via our app, so you’ve got an accountability coach built in.


Re-Ignite Your Nutrition Weight Loss Course: Lose 6kg in 4 weeks without ever counting calories, points or marcros, going hungry or spending hours at the gym.

✅ Fuel For An Active Life Course: A sustainable nutrition plan for life

✅ Pain Free Knees in 4 Weeks: Is knee pain stopping you from doing all the things you love? Get rid of it forever in 4 short weeks.

✅ Learn to Sprint Course: Sprinting is a fundamental marker of youth and a great way to promote longevity, it’s also one of the first things to deteriorate as we become increasing sedentary. This course gives you it back.

✅ Access To All My New Courses For Life: I release new courses all the time and if you sign up now you’ll get free access to all of them as I release them.


1 Session

  • 1 x 1 on 1 PT Session with Sam

10 Session Pack

  • 10 x 1 on 1 PT Sessions with Sam