Lose 6kgs in 4 Weeks Without EVER Going Hungry, Counting Calories, Points or Macros or Spending Hours on a Treadmill

And Then Keep The Weight You’ve Lost Off…For LIFE

Backed By My Guarantee

If you follow the program and don’t lose at least 6kg in 4 weeks, let me know and I’ll give you your money back, no questions, no stress, no hassle.

What You’re Getting:

✅   Weekly modules and live group coaching calls with me to educate you and then personalise your plan and ensure rapid progress

✅   Direct Message access to me via our app so you get your questions answered within hours

✅   Day by day meal plan, shopping list and recipes to make it as easy as possible and maximise your results

✅   Accountability community so you don’t quit and get great results

How We Do It…

Here’s a run down of what we’ll be covering in the weekly calls:

Week 1 – How To Get Someone Else To Lose The Weight For You!

Here’s the thing, your body wants to be thin…and if we can adjust some very specific dials within it we can get it to do the work for us, this doesn’t involve any big changes and will set you up to really get moving in week 2 where we…

Week 2 – Move The Needle (on the scales) Fast

Now that we’ve adjusted the dials and turned your body into a fat burning machine we’ll adjust your diet to amplify the effects and drop a few kilos in just one week. This serves a few purposes, it gives you huge motivation as you see the weight flying off and it build on the work of Week 1 to ensure the changes we’ve made to your internal settings sticks.

Week 3 – How To Eat Whatever You Want And Still Lose Weight

One of the big problems of most diets is they rely on willpower to get you through. On this plan we recognise that you will occasionally eat pizza and ice cream (or whatever your weakness is) and build you a rock solid system for ensuring that when this does inevitably happen it doesn’t hit your waistline

Week 4 – How To Ensure You Never Put The Weight You’ve Lost Back On Again

The massive unaddressed elephant in the room in the weight loss world, is the fact it’s relatively easy to actually lose weight..it’s KEEPING IT OFF that is hard. This is because your body has 1000’s of mechanism to ensure it puts the weight right back on again after you’ve lost it. We address all these mechanisms and turn them off so any weight you lose…stays lost!

The Price



Jeannette Carati

Denise Oerlemanns

Ellen Gozeling

10 kilos in 6 weeks, feeling great and I’ve managed to still live a normal life, this is something different.

Catherine Jane

Paige Moore

The Program

become more resistant to injury

One of the guiding principles of the program is that weight loss should be a natural consequence of health, and that health isn’t health unless it’s long term.

Often losing weight is actually quite easily, but most programs get the weight off at the cost of your health. We build healthy eating patterns from day 1 so there’s no weird shakes, bars or pills to take. Just good clean food.

Added to that the real trick isn’t just getting the weight off, its keeping it off afterwards. This is where this program shines, I want you to be still your target weight in 5 years time and so have built in special protocols to address this issue head on.


One of the main reasons most programs like this don’t work is they require you to invest lots of time. This works great when you have the time, but for all of us, at some point, time goes to zero. Inevitably when it does the first things to go down the drain are your workout, your healthy eating, your waistline and your goals.

This program is built from the ground up with this in mind, so we’ll be focussing on the smallest things you can change for the biggest effect, so when time goes to zero you can keep going, meaning you stay in shape long term.


Weekly Live Coaching

Sam Guest

Every week we have a call where you can jump on and ask me your questions in person and live whilst listening to the challenges and solutions of others going through the process. During the call, if you have a question we’ll chat 1 to 1 so I can really get to the root of the challenge you’re facing and ensure you’re on track and moving forward.

These calls will always be with me, I will never outsource them (though you may well wish I did sometimes!).

On the calls we take what you’ve learned in the program and personalise it for you. So by the end of the 4 weeks not only do you have amazing results but you have a personalised plan to move forward with so you keep on getting great results (and you never have to pay someone like me again!).

Of course there’s an option to carry on once the 4 weeks are over if you really want to take things to the next level.

24/7 Access To Me

Live coaching is great but don’t you find it’s always just after you’ve got off the call that you remember the question you really wanted to ask?!

No problems, throughout the entire 4 weeks if you’ve got a question at any time, day or night ( I keep my phone in airplane mode at night so you wont disturb me) just drop me a direct message through our app and I’ll get back to you within a few hours. 

Doubt and not knowing if you’re following the program in the right way is the no 1 cause of people dropping out of a program like this, not now. 

If you’re ever in doubt, the answer is just a DM away.

Day by Day Meal Plan, Shopping List and Recipes

To make everything as easy as possible and maximise your results we give you all the information up front that you will need, all in an easily accessible format either in our app, pdf, or as an eBook so you’ve got it all at your fingertips.

Your Community

Throughout the entire program you’ll be a part of our online community.

So you can share you successes, get advice from others going through the program and have that feeling of doing something together.

I’ll also be in there every day so it’s another great way to connect.

Get Instant Access


I’ll literally be holding your hand and walking you through everything so you get real results, which last.

What’s Different About This Program?

For years Arnold Schwarzenegger was the golden boy of the health and fitness industry. His techniques were copied across literally 100’s of different health and fitness programs and became the benchmark for how to look and feel great across the world.

In 2002 the movie “Collateral Damage” came out, Arnie looked great and at 55 really seemed to be beating the game, he looked incredible.

Then Arnold got a job.

He moved from a world where his job was to look great and look after his body (and could spend as long as he wanted dedicated to this pursuit), to a world where his job was to govern, and his time to look after himself went to pretty much zero.

In just 2 years he went from pin up boy for the Health and Fitness industry to Governor of California with a dad bod.

2 years after Arnie took office as Governor


Because his system didn’t work in the real world.

Sure, it worked fine when he could pack himself into a gym all day and spend hours recovering in the sauna after his workout, eat expertly prepared food following a meal plan laid down by a top nutritionist …but when the pressures of a real job combined with the normal process of ageing caught up with him, it all fell apart.

Why did the system which worked so well for Arnold, the icon of the system itself, so suddenly fail when he became Governor?

To answer this we have to address the underlying belief, centred right at the heart of the health and fitness industry which is causing us normal people a huge amount of pain. 

The belief that because something is good for a top athlete or movie star it’s good for us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sauce for the goose in this case, is NOT sauce for the gander.

What we need to understand is that while following a fitness lifestyle is effective, as Arnold found right up to getting a job. It is not very efficient, meaning we need to dedicate a HUGE amount of time to it if it is to work properly, even more so as we pass 35 and the natural role of ageing starts to have an effect. 

The truth is, as Arnie discovered, as soon as we don’t have that time, this system fails us.

Comparing a pro athlete or movie star to a busy CEO or a stay at home mum with kids to look after, who often simply doesn’t have ANY time to hit the gym, to meal prep, to go to the sauna, is not comparing like for like.

When you then add in: 

  1. The creeping effects of time on the body as we age, as you start discovering that the things which worked for you at 20 no longer work so well. 
  2. A little understood mechanism which makes it highly likely that fat cells will simply regrow (as a biological necessity) after a period of fat loss (we go deep in to this mechanism in the No Tantrum Program).
  3. A modern world which presents so many challenges to the optimal functioning of a biological organism 

At this point you start to realise a COMPLETELY different program is needed to what has been championed by Arnie and by extension the entire Health and Fitness Industry for all these years.

A program which works –

  • When life gets in the way and your time is reduced to zero.
  • When you simply don’t have the time to think about preparing another healthy meal,.
  • When you don’t have time to go to the gym.
  • When you don’t have the time to spend hours at the masseuse.
  • When you’re no longer in your 20’s and your body simply does not respond to exercise in the same way, does not respond to peak nutrition in the same way.

When this happens you need a program which will keep you in great shape, keep you young, keep you feeling and looking great and massively slow down the rate of ageing, when you have ZERO time, whatever your age.

So How Do We Look At It?

The body has a hierarchy of needs. A hierarchy of things without which it will die.

A lot of these we know about from birth.

  • We can go for years without exercise.
  • We can go for months without food.
  • We can go for about a week without sleep.
  • We can go for a few days without water.
  • We can go for a few minutes without oxygen.

Now there are others even higher in the chain (for example you can last for a few seconds without ATP) but for our purposes today we don’t need to worry about them.

If we want to affect a system, the higher up the hierarchy we go the more control we can exert over that system. (Think about a river, the closer to the source you can divert it, the easier it is to divert and the greater effect you can have on its route)

Most people, when they are looking at health look at diet and exercise, and diet and exercise are hugely important parts of the chain. However in the list of priorities we have just built we can see they are the LEAST important.

Sleep, water and oxygen are all MUCH higher up in the hierarchy and so have MUCH more power to affect human health.

And as I said there are systems even higher than these in the hierarchy, systems such as immune function and ATP production. And if we can control those systems we never really need to worry about anything else.

So why is no one talking about these systems?

Hell, why have most of us have never even considered them?

Well quite frankly I’m not sure, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of this knowledge is pretty cutting edge and we’ve had the diet and exercise message drummed into us from birth and so just never looked any further.

On this program I’ll teach you exactly how to control these systems at the very top of the hierarchy so you can build health quickly and effortlessly even if you’ve got zero spare time.

Do You Count Calories?

Thomas, a client of mine, came to me after failing to lose weight counting calories. He’d lost weight initially, then stalled and so cut even more calories. This had caused him to start piling weight on. So he’d gone to the gym and things had only got worse.

He was confused and at his wits end…

“What the hell was going on!?”

I told him to stop going to the gym and put him on a diet where he could eat as many calories as he liked..I told him if he was ever hungry he was doing it wrong!

You can imagine his reaction…

But (after a few weeks of convincing) he gave it a try…

He lost 12 kilos in the next 6 weeks, looked amazing and never felt better.

Let’s delve into what was going on a bit deeper…

Ok so we all understand the basic model of dieting.

Eat less calories than we burn…

  • Simple…
  • Easy to remember…
  • Easy to calculate…

And for most people TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE to the point of being down right wrong.

(there are some people it works for especially if this is your first time losing weight but I’ll talk about that later)

Ok before I dive into this I have to clear up a few fundamentals.

The first of these is that fat is a system. It isn’t just comprised of fat cells, but of stem cells, endothelial precursor cells, TREGS, Macrophages, smooth muscle cells, FAULKS, pericytes, preadipocytes and an Extra Cellular Matrix (think of this like a scaffold to hold your fat cells in place made of collagens). In short it is a system.

Like any system it can have different configurations. So just like a car may have different configurations for its suspension so your fat can have different configurations.

The configuration of your fat system changes as you age. So trying to lose weight when your 20 is very different to losing weight when you are 50 as you are dealing with a fundamentally different system (or at least a system which is configured entirely differently).

Here’s the other thing (sit up and take notes!)

Your fat configuration changes (almost) IRREVERSIBLY when you lose weight.


So losing weight the first time when you are relatively young and your fat is in “young/healthy” configuration is easy…losing weight when you are older and have already cycled your weight up and down a few times and so changed the configuration of your fat to something entirely different is really, really hard!

In fact this is why most of the diet books out there are, for most of the population, total garbage.

Why? Because they were written by someone who, at a relatively young age, decided to turn it all around and lose all the weight. Having done this relatively easily they decide they have found the miracle cure and so decided to write about it, after all the world needs to know about this right?

The reality is they could have chosen any number of ways to lose weight and almost all of them would have worked as the configuration of their fat was that of a young person and it was their first time losing weight.

Whereas for someone older with a history of weight cycling, trying to follow the same diet will potentially do a lot of harm and almost certainly not work.

Why? Because the configuration of their fat system is ENTIRELY different. Of course they will be told they didn’t do it right or some similar nonsense, when the truth is the system they are working with is fundamentally different and so requires totally different techniques to fix.

Not convinced? Ok let’s take a different approach and look at the science…

Disproving the Calorie Counting Myth

The Study

Three high calorie diets were tested in a group of people between the ages of 18-35.  They had a BMI of 19-30, with some people being normal weight, and others being overweight.  The participants were placed on three high calorie diets with varying amounts of protein and fat.

Some had a diet higher in protein and lower in fat, others lower in protein and higher in fat and others more of a mix.

Subjects ate the same amount of calories. 

So if calories are all that matter, they should all gain the same amount of weight.

The low protein group gained HALF as much as the other 2 groups.

Clearly something else is going on.

First off, could it be that different subjects in this experiment had different histories (of weight cycling vs first time weight loss) and so reacted differently? Could be, it could also be that not all calories are created equal which I talk about in a bit.

Before we get there however let’s look at this from a different point of view.

If I asked you to hold your breath until you passed out, you’d look at me as if I was crazy, and you’d be right. Now it turns out breathing is pretty important for our survival, so our body has very powerful survival mechanisms in place to ensure we keep breathing.

Eating is also governed by the same survival mechanism, so just giving up food is pretty much impossible too, as survival mechanisms kick in and force you to eat (late night refrigerator raid anyone!?). So when someone tells you weight loss is all down to willpower they don’t know what they are talking about. Weight loss is about overcoming the most powerful instinct mankind has…survival.

No mean feat.

Let’s look a bit closer at some of these survival mechanisms.

The problem with fad diets, which generally cause you to lose a lot of weight in a very short time simply by eating less, is as you are restricting calories to such an excessive degree your body literally thinks it’s starving. It thinks an ice age must be coming where food is scarce and so starts to make adaptions to enable you to survive long term in a food scarce environment. 

The first thing it does is drop your base metabolic rate. This means you are using less energy (read calories) just to stay alive on a day to day basis. 

So whereas before you might burn 2000 calories even if you simply sat on the sofa all day long and didn’t move, after your fad, calories restricted diet you now burn only 1800. 

That’s 200 calories less you are burning each day.

This means once you go back to eating normally again it’s MUCH easier to pile weight back on. 

Enter the dreaded yo yo diet effect. 

“Ok, no problem” you may think, “now I’m slimmer and my body has less energy demands I’ll be less hungry and so eat less naturally.”

If only it were that simple. 

Leptin is the hormone which tells you you’re satiated, that you’re full after eating. 

As you calorie restrict the levels of leptin in the body decrease, meaning you never feel satiated. 

Instead you constantly feel famished despite not really needing to eat. 

And it makes perfect sense. If you’re heading into an ice age you want to make sure you eat anything which crosses your path. So your body ensures you’re constantly hungry so that beetle in front of you suddenly looks like a rib eye steak.

All this means, as soon as you stop calorie restricting… (as let’s face it, who can live like this forever?) 

You gain more weight than you were originally trying to lose.

And that’s just one of these survival mechanisms, the body has literally hundreds, including changing your genetic expression to promote weight regain!

So can counting calories be totally discounted? No, of course not.

If civilisation were to end tomorrow and we went back to being hunter gatherers, in a very short time EVERYONE would be lean. Environmental and survival pressures would ensure you lost weight as you would simply be expending a LOT more calories than you could take in. Under these circumstances weight loss in almost all cases would be inevitable.

The problem is, in many cases it is impossible in the modern world to expose ourselves to these extreme levels of exercise and calorific restriction, so we have to take other measures into account and use other tools to circumvent the environment we live in

So the answer is we may count calories depending on the configuration of your fat and your goals, we may not. The configuration of your fat, your age, your medical background will all determine what tools we need to use to get the job done.

Why You Can Never Keep The Weight Off

90% of all dieters will have regained any weight lost within 5 years. 90%!! I don’t know about you but that doesn’t look like success to me.

Why the hell would you work so hard to lose all the weight only to put it all back on again?

Turns out this is really nothing to do with you but our old friend survival.

You see, back when humans were chasing mammoths and mastodons on the plains of Africa, fat was an extremely precious resource. It was hard to put on and even harder to keep hold of. The constant cycles of famine, combined with lots of physical exertion just to stay alive, ensured that a fat human was hard to find.

In those days energy was scarce and so the more fat the body could store the higher your chances of survival long term as you were better able to withstand inevitable periods of starvation.

So when the body dropped fat it immediately did everything it could to regain it, changing the expression of genes and making a whole host of other changes to prioritise the regaining of fat stores. These fat regain mechanisms are EXTREMELY powerful and highly effective, which in those days was a good thing as without them we wouldn’t be here to discuss this today. So it also seems logical that evolution favoured humans who were able to regain fat faster meaning most of us alive today are highly evolved and VERY efficient at putting weight back on after a period of weight loss.

Now I’m sure you’ve spotted the sting in the tail here…our body still thinks we’re living in those times. So when you drop weight those same hugely powerful mechanisms kick into place to ensure you regain the weight right back again.

And there is no other program out there which is addressing this fact, so on a traditional program you lose weight, and the minute you stop, you start putting it all right back on again, with interest.

We get you to your target weight and build in to the program techniques to over come these mechanisms, convincing your body that your new, current weight is the weight it now needs to maintain going forward, ensuring you keep the weight off for good.