What Would You Do With Your Life If You Felt 20 Years Younger?

Coaching, Mentorship And Programs For Those Who Want To Lead A Life Less Ordinary.

Are You Living or Just Existing?

Do you feel like you’re sleep walking through life, waiting to wake up?

Has each passing year become one long, tiring routine?

Are you stuck in a rut watching as your waist line expands whilst the adventures you had on your bucket list become ever more unattainable?

Have you always dreamed of surfing epic waves, hiking untouched wildernesses or horse riding at sunset down far distant beaches ~ but know that right now, your body won’t be up to the challenge?

Your problem is simple…

You Aren’t Lacking Motivation…You Need INSPIRATION.

Picture This:

The sun is setting over the African savannah, casting long shadows over the land. You’re halfway through a week-long hike, through unspoiled landscapes, surrounded by wildlife you’ve only seen on TV.

Six months ago you could barely walk to the shops.

As you sit by the campfire, steaming mug of cacao in hand, surrounded by friends, a sense of accomplishment fills you as you realise you’ve never felt more alive.

We all had big dreams as kids, as we grow up they inevitably get put on the back burner until one day, we wake up, look at ourselves in the mirror and realise our bodies are no longer capable of achieving those dreams.

And, I get it.

You’ve tried diets, you’ve tried the gym, you’ve hired personal trainers. But work, family, bills — they all get in the way. And that life-changing adventure? It’s always been on the ‘someday’ list, but ‘someday’ keeps getting postponed.

Forget traditional gym memberships or normal get fit online programs, I’m offering something new.

Blending once-in-a-lifetime adventures with the skills to get you there:

  • Nutrition – for perfect body composition and energy to burn,
  • Fitness – to do all the things you love for life,
  • Biohacking – to make it all a little bit easier,
  • Bio mechanics – so you move without pain
  • Lifestyle design – so you have the time and bandwidth to do it all
  • Mindset – so you get to the finish line, every time,
  • Anti ageing – so you feel (and look) 20 years younger…

Tell me your big dream or choose one of our Inspire Adventures to be your goal and I’ll build you a personalised program and coach you through it to get you there. 

And If you don’t see results in 30 days I’ll give you your money back…no questions asked.

Over 15 Years Experience

1 on 1 Guidance

Immediate Results from Day 1


Live coaching, direct message access to Sam, your dedicated success plan, body metric tracking, link your wearables, track your progress, personalised nutrition plan, personalised workouts, education, community and more. All in your pocket, on our app.


Tell me your BIG goal…or choose one of our Inspire Experiences

I build you a complete program to get you there.

You follow the program, I coach and support you every step of the way.

You give me feedback.

I update your program based on your feedback.

Have patience (because all good things take time)

You start leaving 18 year olds in your dust, living your life less ordinary!


Sam is here to guide you every step of the way, with 24/7 direct message access, live Q & A sessions, 1 to 1 coaching and continuous monitoring of your progress.

An adventure sports junkie who embraced the idea of “Find What You Love And Let It Kill You” a little too successfully. Sam owned and ran a successful kitesurf performance centre until he ran himself into the ground, leaving himself burnt out and sofa bound.  

He then spent 15 years deep diving into his health and fitness to reclaim this lost time.  Now feeling better than he did at 18, he passes on everything he knows to as many people as possible.


Jane Beverley

“I felt like an imposter in my own skin. I’d always been really active and loved horse riding, but couldn’t even climb on a horse. After 6 months on this program the picture of me on the horse below was taken. I finally felt like the real me again.”




I’m not just offering a program; I’m staking my livelihood on your transformation.

Commit and do the work for just 4 weeks, and if you feel anything less than astounded by your results (and you’ll be able to see these results in the stats you’re tracking), reach out. I promise a hassle-free, immediate refund – no ifs, no buts. I’ll give you your money back right away. I really believe in my program and want you to see great results.

So, think about it: What’s stopping you?

Sam Guest – ReIgnite Coach

Sam Guest

This Is What You’ll Be Getting WHEN YOU SIGN UP:

✅   30 Min Initial 1 on 1 Consultation: where I’ll assess where you are and understand exactly what you need so I can build your personalised Success Plan.

✅   4 x 60 mins 1 on 1 Online Coaching With Me Every Month: Get your questions answered, provide accountability and keep you on track.

✅   Weekly Live Q & A Session: Every week we all get together online where you can ask me any questions you have on the program and I’ll answer them live. Call are recorded and available in the app .

✅   24/7 Direct Message Access: Got a question any time, day or night? Drop me a DM and I’ll get back to you within hours.

✅   Dedicated Success Plan: Designed by me and personalised to you and your goals this is your core curriculum of the coaching. Start at the beginning and work through the modules in your own time, in bite sized chucks, for ultimate success. Including:

➡️   Your Own Personalised Workout Program: each exercise is shown in a video you can access on your phone whilst your doing your workout.

➡️   Your Own Personalised Nutrition Program: complete with recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy or just feel better…I’ve got your back.

✅   Monthly Check Ins: where we check where you are, if you’re on track and readjust your program to ensure you smash your goals

✅   Programs Which Evolve With You: Give me your feedback on the meal plans and programs I’ve written for you direct from the app and I’ll update them for you each month.

✅   Track Everything So You Can See Your Progress: In app stats to track your progress, including workout and nutrition tracker. Links to your wearable devices.

✅   The Library: To ensure mastery I’ve added a library or my best, carefully curated content which you can consume at your own pace. This is not a place where I dump every video I’ve ever made, only my best content makes it through the curation process so you don’t have to worry about overwhelm. The Library includes:

➡️   On Demand Workouts: Feel like mixing your workout up? No problem. There are loads of On Demand Workouts (and I’mn adding more all the time) you can access anytime.

➡️   On Demand Workshops: Our workshops cover a huge range of topics from how to boost testosterone naturally to how to fix your gut health, and if what you’re after isn’t there give us a shout and I’ll see if we can add it.

➡️   On Demand Protocols: Our protocols address the issues I come across most commonly, from how to deal with stubborn belly fat to how to sleep like like a lion.

✅   Members Only Podcast: Subscribe to the private, members only podcast to get access to my most premium training that you can listen to on the go!

✅   Monthly MasterClass: Every month I run a live masterclass where I dive much deeper into a different concept, there’s always something new to learn and this will ensure you stay at the cutting edge of it.

✅   Backstage Pass: Every month I show you exactly how I’m implementing the concepts I talk about in the Masterclass so you can see how to adapt it for your life.

✅   Member Makeover: Every month I help one member to fix what they have implemented from the Masterclass training. So you get to see the common pitfalls and how to avoid them first hand, or get to have me personally help you out!

✅   Community: To help you connect, get support and get your questions answered and answer the questions of other going through the process (and so may have a different take on your challenges to me) I have set up a community directly within our platform.

✅   Accountability Coach: I’ll be monitoring your progress throughout the entire journey via our app, so you’ve got an accountability coach built in.



✅   30 Min Initial 1 on 1 Consultation

✅   Weekly Live Q & A Session With Sam

✅   24/7 Direct Message Access

✅   Dedicated Success Plan

✅   Track Everything So You Can See Your Progress

✅   The Library

✅   Members Only Podcast

✅   Monthly MasterClass

✅   Backstage Pass

✅   Member Makeover

✅   Community

✅   Accountability Coach

Price: £177 a month.

1 on 1 Coaching

Everything in the Mentorship package plus:

✅   Weekly 60 m 1 on 1 Online Coaching

✅   Your Own Individualised Success Plan

Price: £497 a month.

(cancel anytime)



What Do You Mean When You Say “Choose A Big Goal”

This is totally personal to you, but make it something which really inspires you and probably scares you a little bit. Examples of what former clients have had great success with: Compete in a Spartan Race, undergo a total body transformation, learn to snowboard, gallop down the beach at sunset, trek across Spain.

Will I Be Able To Talk Direct To Sam?

Absolutely! All your coaching will be live with Sam.

Can I Add My Own Foods To Track?

Yes, you can either use our database of over 250k foods or create your own directly in the app.

I’m A Total Beginner And Very Unfit, Is This For Me?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact this is often the best place to start as you’ll see BIG changes fast which inspires you to really keep going.

How Long Does The Program Last?

Simple, as long as you need it to. We deliberately haven’t put any time constraints on this as everyone will be going at their own pace.

Is There A Guarantee?

If you are not 100% satisfied in any way or even if you give it a go and just decide it’s not for you within 28 days. I will personally give you a full refund.

Can I Change Plans Any Time?

Of course! You can change plans any time from in the app or just get on touch and we’ll be happy to help

If I Want To Cancel How Does It Work?

If you want to cancel you can do so from within the app, no further payments will be taken from your account and you’ll keep access until the end of the current billing period. Or just give us a shout and we’ll do it for you.

Why Coaching?

Coaching provides the tailored approach and personal attention you need to achieve results faster, in a safer way, taking account of the way your body works.

As I work with you every session you see results fast and we can build a solid foundation with the final goal being that you understand how it all works so you don’t need me anymore!

Stupid business plan?

Maybe, but I genuinely believe that once you understand how to get the most out of the program and see the results you get as a result, you’ll tell all your friends and so this becomes a win-win-win.

What Days and Times Do The Calls Start?

Once you sign up I’ll give you access to my calendar so you’ll be able to book your call at a time which works for you.

How Many People Will There Be On The Calls?

Just me and you.