Declining Physical And Mental Ability ISN’T Inevitable With Age

There’s No Reason You Can’t Feel Better At 40, 50, or 60+, Than You Ever Did At 20


‘Is this it?’

I found myself wondering at 4 a.m., haunted by unfulfilled dreams and a ticking clock.

At 20 I had ambitions – to climb Everest, to be a professional kiter, to explore the unknown.

But time and resources seemed always just out of reach. Now, in the prime of life, I’ve discovered it’s not too late.

In my FREE book ‘Get Fit For Adventure’, I share this journey of transformation – a path to reclaiming your dreams and vitality…

Whatever your age.

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Feel (and look) Like You’re YEARS Younger

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Re-Ignite Your Full Potential (Before It’s Too Late)

In Get Fit For Adventure You’ll Learn:

Why More Isn’t Always Better in Exercise

  • Minimum Effective Dose: The 15 min a week workout with the same benefits as 15 hours a week
  • Defying common sense: why the longer, harder model of exercise is probably doing you more harm than good
  • Short vs. Long Term Thinking: Focus on sustainable health and well being
  • The best routine is the one which gets done: Exercise routines which align with busy schedules.. 
  • Health Over Wear: Avoiding long-term physical strain and wear and tear on the body

Ageing Doesn’t Mean Slowing Down

  • Muscle Mass Maintenance: Keeping strength as you age.
  • Fast-Twitch Muscle Focus: Why it’s crucial for agility, health and better ageing.
  • Age-Defying Strategies: Practical tips to stay strong and agile.

Balancing Exercise with Recovery

  • Beyond Daily Workouts: Finding the right exercise balance.
  • Hormonal Health: Avoiding imbalances through proper recovery.
  • Sustainable Health: Long-term fitness strategies.

Holistic Health: More Than Just Diet and Exercise

  • Immune System’s Role: A key player in overall wellness.
  • Sleep, Hydration, Oxygen: Essential elements for health.
  • A Holistic Approach: Comprehensive wellness strategies.

Fitness That Understands You

  • Unique Needs After 40: Tailoring fitness to individual lifestyles.
  • Effective Personalization: Strategies that adapt to your life.
  • Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Creating a fitness plan that’s truly yours.

Think Of What You’ll Do With Your Life When You Feel 20 Years Younger…

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