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Back when I was 35 I thought it was all over, I’d peaked and it was all downhill from here. 

I was sleeping less and less and so rarely had the energy to do what I really wanted to do, my gut bloated up like a balloon every time I ate meaning that rather than going doing some crazy adventures I was confined to the sofa all afternoon in pain.

I had less and less lust for life and when I did finally get out and do something cool, I’d ache for days afterwards. My libido was flagging and emotionally I felt like I was flatlining…nothing really seemed to excite me any more.

I started to think,

“Is this it? Am I just getting old?” 

What I found really ironic was for the first time in my life I had the time and money to actually do all the things I’d told myself I was going to do at 20…but now I could do them, my body was failing me.

I sucked it up and prepared for my long, slow decline into death.

That was until I met Jake…

About this time, 2 guys rocked up to a “Learn to Kitesurf Camp” I was running (in my past life I ran an extreme sports holiday company) both were 58 years old. 

Pete was exactly what I imagined a 58 year old to be. Balding, a bit portly, starting to slow down mentally and physically, all his movements looked stiff and he would definitely need to be treated carefully throughout the week, he just looked a bit…delicate.

The other chap was called Jake and when he arrived I was expecting another Pete, after all they were the same age. 

What I saw was a guy who was in better shape than I was. He positively glowed. He looked about 40 and moved like he was 30.

As the week went on Jake showed himself to be mentally sharper, fitter and actually learned faster than many of the 20 somethings on the camp…it was as if age just didn’t touch this guy. I’d always thought of myself fairly fit but this guy put me to shame.

The contrast between Jake and Pete was incredible. 

One was what I would call an old man, the other appeared younger than I was…yet both were 58 years old.

Jake was up and riding in just a few days and by the end of the week had pretty much cracked it. Despite most of the other students lacking for energy by this stage of the course, he was still hungry for more and was a firm favourite amongst our female instructors. 

Pete struggled all week…

Everything took him a lot longer to learn, he could manage at best an hour or 2 every day and by day 3 needed a day off. He didn’t get very far at all that week.

During the camp I asked Jake, how on earth he managed to stay so young, so active and so able to do all the things he loved despite being an age where most people wouldn’t even think about going kitesurfing…let alone starting to learn.

He said to me…

“If you’d seen me at 40 you wouldn’t be asking me the same question.

You see I’d been very successful at work but my health had suffered as a result, I was overweight and really felt all of my 40 years….at the time I had a lot of friends who were 10 – 20 years older than me and who were old men, they’d given up all the sports they used to love and didn’t really have much to look forward to in life. 

I saw in them, exactly what I had in front of me, if I carried on as I was doing.” 

“So I decided to do something about it…”

His story and a few others like it, inspired me to not go gentle into that good night. 

Implementing the things Jake told me and then going on to study course after course, learning under some of the best and well known “guru’s” of our time, interviewing scientists, professional athletes, special forces and even astronauts to discover their secrets and put them into action myself…I’m now 43 and kiting or doing some other crazy sport most days, sleeping like a king, I have energy to burn and feel the best I’ve ever felt. 

Now this took me years but it doesn’t have to take anywhere near that long and that’s why I’ve written this book. So I can share with you what I learned and help you to implement it all in a fraction of the time. 

So you can lose all the weight you’re carrying, have a body you’re proud of, have energy to burn, sleep like a king, feel 10 years younger and do all the things you wanted to do when you were 20 but didn’t have the time or money. So you can feel better now than you ever have and stay that way.

Imagine what you would feel like in just a few weeks time if you could have all that too. If you felt 5, 10, 20 years younger…

What would you do with your life?

What’s In The Book?

Revealing The Truth Behind the Fitness Industry

This isn’t an expose designed to shock or any big conspiracy theory, it’s simply an example of what happens when supply and demand leads us down a hole we don’t want to go down. A hole where what we take as “Common Sense” when it comes to Health & Fitness, is doing you a lot of harm.

In this chapter I tell you what you need to know to apply “Uncommon Sense” and get the results you want.

How To Leverage The Body’s Innate Mechanisms to 10x Your Results

The body has a hierarchy of needs. A hierarchy of things without which it will die.

A lot of these we know about from birth.

  • We can go for years without exercise.
  • We can go for months without food.
  • We can go for about a week without sleep.
  • We can go for a few days without water.
  • We can go for a few minutes without oxygen.

Most people, when they are looking at health, look at diet and exercise, which are hugely important parts of the chain. However in the list of priorities we have just built we can see they are the LEAST important.

In this chapter I show you what you should be focusing on instead and how they’ll give you faster results with less effort.

The 2 Biggest Vectors In Ageing

There are 2 areas which when left unchecked will cause you to age faster than ANYTHING else. The good news is, when we can harness them, we can slow and even reverse the process.

This will give you a whole new way of looking at health and the way the human body works and best of all, doesn’t need any major lifestyle changes to actually implement.

In this chapter I walk you through what they are and how you can turn them to your advantage and reverse the clock. 

How To Build Young Muscle

If you can keep your muscles young you’re halfway there. Old muscles lead to injury, aches and pains, increased recovery time, lack of flexibility and eventually mean you give up doing the things you love to do. This then creates a negative feedback loop where you do less, which leads to faster and faster muscle deterioration.

In this chapter I show you how to buck the trend and build young muscle…no matter how old they currently are.

The Paradox Of Exercise

Nearly everyone is working out in a way which will age them faster and lead to major problems long term. Why? Because all exercise these days is aimed at short term goals. 

“I want to look great in my wetsuit this summer,” 

“I want washboard abs in 6 weeks.”

And so the fitness industry has listened to our desires and created programs which do just that.

The problem is these short term methods of training often lead to HUGE problems long term.

In this chapter I show you how to work out in a way which will increase your performance long term and how you can do it in just a few minutes a day.

Heal Like Wolverine

One of the biggest problems as we get older is that we become a lot less resistant to injury. This then leads to us slowly doing less and less over time, which leads to us becoming older and older.

The phrase “We don’t stop because we get old, we get old because we stop.” Is true…and much of the reason we stop is because we get injured.

In this chapter I show you a few simple techniques which take next to no time which can massively increase your resilience to injury.

Recover MUCH Faster After Exercise

Not by wearing compression garments, rubbing magnesium on your legs or sitting in the jacuzzi for hours…

But by leveraging the body’s own inbuilt systems and simply amplifying the signal.

This chapter alone will blow your mind and is worth the price of the book by itself.

Why It’s Damn Hard To Lose Weight

Fat, in ancient times, was the body’s most precious resource.

In an era when food often required a lot of exertion to find, was generally lower energy density (as wild animals struggle with this same problem and so their meat was much less fatty), combined with long term periods where food was just scarce (ie. most winters)…

Fat was hard to put on and even harder to keep on.

When you didn’t have enough fat you were that much more likely to die in the next period of famine or just when you got injured or sick.

So the body has hundreds of mechanisms to ensure you put as much fat on as you can and if you lose any put it straight back on again. It’s a survival mechanism and historically it worked really well.

In this chapter I show you how to sidestep these mechanisms in our modern world where they are no longer needed, so you can lose weight much more easily.

Why Most Diet Books On The Market Are BS

Fat isn’t just comprised of fat cells, but of stem cells, endothelial precursor cells, TREGS, macrophages, smooth muscle cells, FAULKS, pericytes, preadipocytes and an extracellular matrix (think of this like a scaffold to hold your fat cells in place made of collagens). 

In short it’s a system. 


Like any system it can have different configurations. So just like a car may have different configurations for its suspension, so your fat can have different configurations.

The configuration of your fat system changes as you age. 

So trying to lose weight when you’re 20 is very different to losing weight when you are 50 as you are dealing with a fundamentally different system (or at least a system which is configured entirely differently).

Here’s the other thing (sit up and take notes!)

Your fat configuration changes (almost) IRREVERSIBLY when you lose weight.


So losing weight the first time when you are relatively young and your fat is in “young/healthy” configuration is easy…losing weight when you are older and have already lost weight and then put it back on again (this is called weight cycling) a few times and so changed the configuration of your fat to something entirely different is really, really hard!

In this chapter I show you how to reset your fat configuration making losing weight much, much easier.

The Dark Side Of Fasting

Fasting has been held up as the way to age like Peter Pan and lose weight effortlessly. Just go without food and you’ll age slower, have more energy, lose weight and feel amazing.

In this chapter I explore why this isn’t the whole truth and how fasting may be doing a lot more harm than good and how you can harness its power safely and effectively.

A REALLY Simple Plan

The biggest problem with weight loss plans these days is they are just so complex, one person says one thing, the other one tells you, “don’t eat that it’ll kill you”. How are you supposed to know where to start? 

It’s ironic that we as humans sit at the top of the evolutionary ladder yet are the only species on. the planet which doesn’t know how to feed itself.

In this very short chapter I reduce nutritional wisdom down into a few very short pages and make things as simple as possible whilst still being actionable and getting BIG results.

How To Eat Whatever You Want And Still Lose Weight

Ok so this chapter’s title is slightly sensationalist I know, but the problem with most nutrition plans is they totally ignore one thing…from time to time life will get in the way and we will eat stuff we’re not supposed to eat.

Most plans simply say, “well you need to be more disciplined” when the fact is it’s almost impossible to not fall off the wagon from time to time.

That said, any plan which is actually going to work needs to acknowledge that not only are these slip ups inevitable but must give you a plan to counteract their effects on your waistline. 

That’s exactly what I do in this chapter…welcome to the power of Offsetting. 

Beating The Weight Regain Phase

90% of people who lose weight will regain ALL the weight they have lost in 5 years. 



Because the body sees weight loss as an injury and will do ANYTHING it can to put the weight back on in the 4 – 12 months after it has lost it. 

So a good nutritional plan does not end when you have lost the weight, it needs to support you through this hugely crucial stage to ensure you don’t become part of the statistic mentioned above.

This chapter shows you how.

Think Of What You’ll Do With Your Life When You Feel 10 Years Younger…