Corporate Consultation

During my (admittedly short!) time in corporate world I would hear managers and the big bosses go on and on about employee performance goals, performance management, creating a culture of high performance and getting the very best out of their personnel.

They would invest tens of thousands “developing their people”, telling us “our people are our greatest assets”, show us how to set up our desks for maximum productivity, all so they could squeeze every last drop of energy out of us in an effort to get more, more, more…

Then I would go to the vending machine and it would be full of sugar, which would cause me to crash half way through the afternoon, I’d go to the canteen and be served food which made me fat and slow, I’d sit for 8 hours in front of a screen which was damaging my eye sight and my brain, I’d need to be contactable even when I left the office so I never really relaxed, meaning my sleep was affected.

And the list goes on and on…

In short while they were preaching performance they really weren’t looking after the most important part of the equation…

The biology of their most important asset…their employees.

If you work in an office, look around. Do the human beings surrounding you look like a bunch of high performance power houses? Or do you work in a normal office where most are over weight, unfit, pasty and old before their time.


We work with companies to demonstrate the importance of and then implement high performance practices across the whole spectrum of their business. Making small changes which will have a big impact on their employees’ productivity, happiness and health.


  • Less sick days,
  • Better retention,
  • A more productive workforce,
  • A working environment which is actually fun and ultimately a better bottom line!

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