I’m pleased to announce that we are working with Genova Diagnostics and can now offer a wide array of functional lab testing and interpretation which we can then use to totally individualise your program. 

This really enables us to take your program to the next level by addressing your specific health challenges and gives us a much deeper view into what is going on “under the hood.” This allows us to get to the root cause of any underlying issues and make sure any program we build for you addresses your unique biology. 

Meaning you get results faster, easier and with much less trial and error (which often makes its much cheaper in the long run!)

Fort a full list of the tests we can offer check out this page >>

Why is these tests different from what I can get at the doctors?

These tests are generally not available at your NHS doctors. Private health plans may offer them, check with your practice and if you can get them as part of your plan then by all means do the testing with them. 


I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and so am really excited to announce that we can now offer DNA testing and interpretation.



DNA testing is the best way for us to get a starting point for your health journey, why because your DNA does not change so we can use it to discover areas where you will potentially struggle health wise and take action before it becomes a problem.

Want an example? 

Some people have a genetic variant which results in them not being able to process Vitamin B as well, in the long run this can lead to Anaemia and other complications. A DNA test will reveal this and suggest a simple solution either get more Vitamin B in the diet or supplement. Which over the long term will have profound effects on your health.


Getting the test done is one thing, understanding the results and using them to make decisions is another. I am fully qualified to interpret your results and recommend actionable advise based upon them. This advise we then incorporate right into your program so it is built uniquely for you and your DNA.