Coaching Onboarding

First up welcome aboard it’s great to have you here and I’m looking forward to our next 6 months together!

Before we get started with the fun stuff we need to complete some admin. There are 6 steps in total to get you fully set up.


First off with the legal system being what it is I need you to sign a waiver. That can be done by clicking the button below and putting your electronic scribble at the bottom of the document. Until you’ve done this I’m afraid I can’t coach you at all, can’t give you even one piece of advise, it’s just how it goes. It only takes 2 seconds to fill out!

OK, Now For The Cool Stuff


As part of the program you get 24/7 access to my voicemail. To set this up please download the Voxer App onto your smart phone. It looks like this:

The Voxer App

Once you’ve got it just search and add me using this link:

Send me a message to say “hi” and check we’ve got comms and we’ll be good to go. Any time, and I mean ANY time you have a question or doubt make sure you hit me up on Voxer so you don’t spend time worrying you’re doing the right thing and get the fastest results possible…I’d rather you contacted me 20 times a day than never…honestly…abuse me, I love it!


Once you’ve done that I need you to fill in your Intake form which you can download here , if you could just send it back to me before we have our first chat, it’ll give me a good idea of where to steer things, to make sure we get off to a flying start.


Our community is a great place to hang out, meet others going thought the coaching, get additional support and learn more. It’s hosted on Discord and you can access it here.


My eBook which can be downloaded here will allow you to get grounded in the fundamentals of the program. Read it, (it’s not that long) as we’ll be using what’s in it from from the first call.


Ok sweet, nearly done, whenever your done just click the button below and pick a time for your first session.

Sit back, relax and dream of all the things you’re going to be doing in 6 months time!