Free 6 Week Course: Learn to Sprint

The old refrain

“We don’t stop because we get old, we get old because we stop”,

…is absolutely true.

One of the biggest causes of us stopping is the sedentary lifestyles we lead and the shrinking of our mental model of what is possible for us as a result of this shrinkage.

This course is designed to expand that model.

Rediscover Your Youthful Spirit: Embark on a Sprinting Adventure

“Imagine the exhilarating rush of wind against your face, your heart pounding with vibrant energy, as you sprint faster than you ever thought possible. This isn’t just a flashback to your youthful days; it’s your new reality waiting to unfold.”

Are you yearning to break free from the monotonous rhythm of a sedentary life?

Do you reminisce about the days when adventure and vitality were your close companions?

It’s time to reignite that spark.

Our “Learn to Sprint” course isn’t just about running; it’s a transformative journey back to your adventurous self.

If you’re stuck in a sedentary routine, it’s time to shake things up. 

The Problem:

In today’s fast-paced world, you’re often tied to desks and screens, leading to a lifestyle which is more sedentary than you ever intended. This inactivity isn’t only a health risk it also causes you to lose touch with your adventurous side. 

As you do less and less, you feel capable of doing less and your mental model of what you are actually capable of shrinks.

This feeds an endless downward spiral, where you do less, so feel you can do less and so you do less.

The “Learn to Sprint” Course

Our Learn To Sprint Course is specifically designed to break this cycle. Aimed at people like you – ambitious, busy, but craving more from life. It’s not just about learning to sprint; it’s about awakening a new lifestyle.

Why Sprinting?

Sprinting isn’t just running fast; it’s a gateway to a healthier, more vibrant you, to breaking that negative cycle we spoke about and showing your brain what your body is capable of. 

Scientific studies have consistently highlighted the multitude of benefits sprinting offers:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Sprinting is a powerhouse for heart health. Short, intense sprinting sessions significantly improve cardiovascular health and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Enhanced Muscle Strength and Tone: As you sprint, you engage major muscle groups, building strength and definition. Sprinting is not just cardio; it’s a full-body workout.

3. Effective Weight Management: Sprinting is more effective for weight loss compared to moderate-intensity training.

4. Boost in Mental Health: Sprinting releases endorphins, known as ‘happy hormones’. These natural mood lifters combat stress and enhance mental clarity.

5. Anti-Aging Benefits: Perhaps most impressively, sprinting can turn back the clock on a cellular level. High-intensity interval training, such as sprinting, can improve age-related decline in muscle mitochondria, essentially slowing down aspects of the ageing process.

The Learn To Sprint Course

Our “Learn to Sprint” course spans six weeks, with each week meticulously planned to progress from the basics to more advanced techniques, ensuring a safe and effective training regimen. It is tailored to absolute desk jockeys, so if you’ve never set foot in a gym or haven’t run in years this program is for you.

You’ll also receive access to a supportive community to share your journey.

Hear it from our participants: “After just six weeks, I not only improved my sprint time but also felt more energetic and confident in my everyday life. I actually took up up snowboarding as a result of the extra confidence it gave me” – Sarah, 42, Marketing Manager

Your Next Step:

It’s time to leave the sedentary lifestyle behind and sprint towards a healthier, more adventurous you. Sign up now and take advantage of our early-bird discount. Your journey to rediscover your youthfulness and vitality starts here.

This is more than just a fitness program. It’s your ticket to a rejuvenated life, full of speed, strength, and adventure. 

Join me, and let’s sprint into a brighter, healthier future together!

Did I mention it’s free?