“Done For You” Weight Loss Experience

Let us do your weight loss for you. We’ll cook for you, give you the best exercise to do for weight loss and teach all the principles of weight loss you’ve never heard before.

All without you having to lift a finger.

And we’ll explain exactly what we’re doing at every step so you don’t just experience effortless weight loss you understand what to do so you can keep on doing it.

At Re-Ignite we want you to make a profound connection with yourself and inspire you to get the most out of your life.  You’ve started your weight loss/rehab [edit as appropriate] journey; well done!!! Next, it’s time to get moving…..  you’re ready to discover and explore the world we live in….. with us!  

Let’s get going: Our hiking trips are designed to get you feeling good, moving out in nature, connecting with us and fellow Re-Igniters!

What’s Included In This Weight Loss Experience:

  • All your food, provided, prepared to our exacting standards following our nutrition program, to GUARANTEE you shed kilos of unwanted body fat AND feel years younger.
  • Your own meal plan, recipe pack and shopping list to take home with you. It’s delicious and you can eat as much as you like and still torch weight, no calorie counting or going hungry EVER!
  • “Into the wilds” We get you off the beaten track in a 2 hour hike in deepest nature. Walking is the best fat burning exercise there is and getting outside in the company of others has numerous health benefits which we’ll explain as we go.
  • 30 min private consult where we go over your health goals and build a lifestyle plan for you.
  • Your own workout program to take home specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Educational workshops where we explain the science behind everything we do on this day, so you understand the why.
  • We’ll be heading off “Into the wilds”  – We get you off the beaten track in a 2 hour hike in deepest nature. 
  • We’ll activate your ‘feel good factor’ – Walking is the best fat burning exercise there is and getting outside in the company of others has numerous health benefits which we’ll explain as we go.
  • We’ll connect you to nature – share those ‘wow ‘moments with us; feel calmer, refreshed, rejuvenated 
  • Talk and interact face to face with us – chat and ask questions, we’re here to help, guide and inspire you 
  • Learn new cool stuff as we hike ….  we explain the science behind everything we do on this day, so you understand the why.
  • Enjoy the sense of camaraderie  –  you’ll meet and compare stories/notes with fellow Re-Igniters.  We only hike with a small group (usually no more than 10) 
  • Share some laughs and a load of fun!  – Obvs!
  • And… at some point there’s bound to be time for a cup of tea… (no cake!) 😉

What We Provide:

  • Lots of inspiration, a load of know-how, coupled with a desire to share it with you.
  • A well thought our route 
  • Sam’s excellent navigational skills 
  • A small first aid kit

What You Need To Bring:

  • Weather appropriate clothing for the Yorkshire Dales/ locaton – ask us if you need help with this.  
  • Enough water for yourself and any snacks you might need to keep your energy levels up on the way
  • The right mindset – Be prepared to engage with the group and the activity, be responsible, keep yourself and others safe.

Available as Extras

  • Accommodation, if you require accommodation let us know and we’ll help you sort something out.
  • As part of our mission to inspire you to a healthy lifestyle, we mix all our experiences with activities designed to not only help you hit your goals but to inspire you. Look motivation is great but it’ll only get you so far, if we can inspire you with what your body can and will be able to do…then you don’t need motivation.




Bannatyne Health Club, Cookridge Hall


£ 47

Backed By Our Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll LOVE this experience that if, by lunchtime, you’re not happy with us, let us know and if we can’t fix it to your satisfaction we’ll give you your money back…no questions, no stress, no problems.

The Re-Energise Program

If we’re going to convince you our methods work, we need to get results fast, we also need to ensure anything we do is sustainable for you when you get home.

Our Re-Energise Program is designed to do just that.

You can expect to lose kilos of body fat whilst gaining lean muscle over the course of the experience. All without EVER going hungry, counting calories, points or macros or spending hours in the gym. Most importantly we’ll do this is a sustainable way which actually leads to long term benefits, rather than trying to force as much weight off you as we can so we look good on our marketing. We want you to build health for life, not just for a week.

What You Can Expect:

Weight Loss: Most people lose kilos of unwanted body fat (average is 3-4 on our week experiences) but what’s more important is they learn how to keep on losing 3-4 kilos every week when they get back home, until they hit their target weight. 

Look if we wanted to we could easily have you losing up to 10 kilos of weight in a week. The problem is this short term weight loss isn’t healthy in the long run (and will probably bounce back on in a few weeks anyway). We give you a plan you can follow for life.

We wont be counting calories or starving you (in fact you’ll probably eat more than ever), we wont be following any fad diets or latest craze’s and you wont EVER see a meal replacement milkshake or bar. Just healthy (and delicious) food, perfectly prepared. Over the course of the week we’ll teach you how to cook several amazing recipes and create your own personalised food and meal plan, so you know exactly how to feed yourself for the rest of your life.

Muscle Gain: Most people gain a few kilos of lean muscle (average is 1-2 on our week experiences). And this is done without spending hours in the gym…in fact 15 mins a week is often enough. We’ll also, of course, build out your personal program so you know exactly what to do when you’re back home

Energy: A lot of people write to me after the week telling me they’ve got so much energy they feel like they’re 18 again and that their kids are struggling to keep up with them!

Improved Recovery Time: We’ll be stealing a few secrets straight from the playbooks of elite athletes and special forces to teach you how to recover from exercise much faster…so you can do the things you love all day, and then get up again the next day and do them all again (this also means you’ll have much higher tolerance to stress and be able to deal with a lot more pressure and keep your head).

Resistance to Injury: We’ll give you a full body posture analysis so we can catch any problems and correct then way before they start to cause you issues. Of course if you’re already suffering from aches and pains we’ll show you exactly how to cure them and take you out of pain making you much harder to injure so you can live life with 100% passion all the time.

Be Inspired: Activities run every day (but are totally optional) and we give you a huge range of different ideas to try so you can find your own inspiration.

What Others Say:

“I was pre diabetic before going on this course, with a blood sugar of 8.3, 3 weeks after finishing the coaching it was down to 6.5…my doctor couldn’t believe it.”

David Sanders

One of the best holidays of my life..what more can I say? Can’t recommend these guys highly enough!

Sherry Carlisle, Veterinary Surgeon

“I’d literally tried everything before finding Sam. Now just a few weeks after finishing the course I feel like I’m 10 years younger and I’m still going…whatever he’s charging, pay it…”

James Nolan

I’ll let Paige tell you in her own words

A Typical Day

This is very much subject to change but gives you an idea of what to expect

0800 – 0830: Morning Flexibility and Mobility session

0830 – 0900: Breakfast

0900 – 1000: Interactive session on the untold secrets of weight loss (trust us we take a totally different but holistic view on this and will quite likely blow your minds a little…the proof is in the science and the results)

1030 – 1230: Hike in nature whilst we explain how best to exercise for weight loss

1230 – 1300: Lunch

1330 – 1430: 30 min consults and Spa time

1430 – 1800: Talking through the shopping list and meal plan

1800 – 1830: Dinner

1845: Day ends

Some Of The Food You’ll Be Eating*

*exact recipes may differ depending on ingredient availability. All our recipes are gluten and lactose free.

  • Sweet potato with an avocado and basil salsa and fillet of almadraba tuna
  • Our famous home grown pumpkin pie, made with almond flour pastry and a blueberry topping
  • Blueberry superfood ice cream
  • Steak casserole with plantain chips
  • Creamed vegetables, with yuca and wild caught salmon steaks
  • Delicious chocolate brownies
  • Surprisingly tasty spinach and cacao smoothie (I know it sounds awful but it’s actually a firm favourite!)
  • The BIG Tarifa Salad, green leaves, with beetroot, peppers, sweet potato and prawns all served with a honey, mustard dressing

We’ll also be teaching you how to cook most of these recipes so you can keep on eating delicious food when you’re back home.